ESD Bag With 11 Holes For A4 Size

ESD bag with 11 holes for A4 size
Standard size:A4,A3
Color available:Clear with yellow edge
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Anti-static ESD bag with 11 holes for A4 size


ESD bag with 11 holes for A4 size can be applied to: anti-static workshop, dust-free workshop, purification workshop, photovoltaic power plant, LED factory, PCB factory, electronics factory, electrical appliance factory electronic instruments.

Material composition:ESD PP

Single layer thickness: 0.08mm

Dimensions: A4 (305mm*235mm), A3 (435mm*305mm)

Static decay time: 1000V-100V less than 1.0S

Surface resistivity: 10e6Ω~<10e9 ω="" (tested="" at="" a="" temperature="" of="" 22°c/humidity="" 65%="">

Friction voltage: less than 100V

Meets the standard: IEC-61340-5-1

2.Anti-static document bag usage

It is used to collect the work record of the loading process in the anti-static workshop and the dust-free workshop, the operating instructions, and the documents of the dust-free workshop.

3.What are the electrostatic protection measures in the office

What are the electrostatic protection measures in the office

Office supplies use anti-static features, such as anti-static pens, anti-static file bags, anti-static mice, anti-static keyboards, anti-static trash cans.

Office staff engaged in special occupations are best to choose some anti-static or non-static clothing to wear, even shoes should also pay attention to. Generally speaking, those wearing cloth can prevent static electricity.

You can use a static eliminator. After using the eliminator, you can achieve the effect of removing static electricity. However, this must be used correctly and operated in accordance with the regulations to ensure that the equipment is intact and must be maintained frequently.

4.Anti-ESD bag with 11 holes for A4 size pictureshard esd holder

Anti-static holder.jpg

5.Payment Terms

esd products payment

6.Anti-static document bag Packing & Shipping

Packing information:100pcs/pack,10packs/carton.

Carton size:40*30*40cm

Gross weight:20kgs.

Delivery:Small order by Air express.

              Large order by ship.


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